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Your PLEDGE is urgently needed now! Please pledge to save our legacy church from demolition & developers!

SOSA has a viable & self-sustaining plan to support the church and campus for another 100 years. Our idea is simply to convert the convent into a 40-room B&B to generate revenue to sustain the church and entire complex.

Our plan has already been presented to the Archdiocese of Chicago. At this point, we just need pledges! Time is running out! In June 2018, the Archdiocese hired a commercial broker to sell the entire St. Adalbert's campus. Please pledge now!

St Adalbert aerial view

Your PLEDGE is urgently needed now!

To pledge, please send us an email with your pledge amount and contact information. We will only ask for your monetary donation if we are successful in acquiring St. Adalbert's from the Archdiocese of Chicago. 501(c)3 status pending.

Email us today and tell us how you can help

Note: Small monetary donations are being accepted at this time to pay for marketing expenses.

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SOSA Board: Prof. Christina Ciecierska, Margo (Konieczny) Dumelle, Irene Moskal, Bogdan Ogorek, Elaine Olszewski, Richard Owsiany, Julie Sawicki
SOSA Chaplain: Fr. Bruno Chmiel